Sourcing & Supply - Parts

Kreeshma Aerospace redefines the way you manage aerospace components with our innovative Sourcing & Supply - Parts services.

We source high quality and reliable parts

We understand that a smooth supply chain and reliable access to high-quality parts are essential to your operations. That's why we've developed a dynamic Parts as a Service (PaaS) platform that simplifies procurement, reduces costs, and ensures you have the parts you need when you need them.

Key Features

Extensive Inventory
Gain access to an extensive inventory of aerospace components, from avionics to structural parts, all at your fingertips.
On-Demand Procurement
Eliminate lead time hassles by procuring the components you need precisely when you need them, reducing downtime.
Quality Assurance
Our team of experts ensures that the parts you receive meet the highest quality standards, guaranteeing the reliability of your aerospace projects.
We're committed to environmental responsibility. Our PaaS solutions promote sustainable practices through component reusability and responsible disposal.

How It Works:

Explore our comprehensive catalog of aerospace components, making it easy to find the exact parts you require.
Choose the components that match your specifications and requirements.
Submit your request, and we'll swiftly process it, ensuring you receive your parts on time.
Incorporate the components into your aerospace projects with confidence in their quality and reliability.
Return and Repeat:
Once you've completed your projects, return the parts, and we'll ensure they are properly maintained and ready for their next use.

Join the Aerospace Revolution:

Kreeshma Aerospace invites you to experience the future of aerospace component management. Say goodbye to inventory headaches and hello to cost-effective, sustainable solutions. We are dedicated to streamlining your procurement process, enabling you to focus on what you do best – advancing aerospace technology. Join us in shaping the future of aerospace with Kreeshma Aerospace's Sourcing & Supply - Parts services.
At Kreeshma Aerospace, we are at the forefront of transforming the aerospace industry. Our journey began with a simple yet powerful idea: to make aerospace components more accessible, affordable, and sustainable.


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